Mission task
Our primary target is important person - Nikola Bugayev. Leader of Chedaky military units in Chernarusia.
If we want to bring a freedom and democracy into this post-soviet republic together with NAPA, we must cut Chedakys from any old contacts from Russia as Nikola Bugayev has.
Your task is only to locate and assign this primary target for the UAV.
First step after the landing in the northern woods of Chernarus, is to contact fighters from the NAPA. They will transfer you to the target zone - CDKZ base, where will be the primary target for today's mission.

From the transport aircraft (call sign SHOWTIME) provide HALO paradrop to the designated zone.
After landing in this zone as soon as possible contact the members of the NAPA. They know about your arrival and will be there waiting for you. Code words for the contact are in a separate section.
Then in cooperation with members of NAPA move close to the CDKZ base camp. Locate here our primary objective and report any possible danger for the UAV.
Avoid any confrontation. CDKZ don't know about your presence. The same applies to the primary objective. He will be then eliminated by locating the missile from the UAV. Callsign for this UAV is MAMBA.
Once you locate the primary target, immediately send his coordinates for the missile.

Subsequently you will observe the effects of missile impact and report the situation in the target zone.
After this, move back to the NAPA - they will hide you and then await further orders.

In the case of any unexpected complications, immediately contact your command. Callsign RED CROWN.

Evac zones
For the evacuation from the Chernarus are assigned four zones to which you navigate the evacuation team. The one selected area must be secured prior to evacuation.
Here are the positions:
Code words
Code words for the verification of contact with the NAPA fighters.

Can I warm up with you ? It's very hot weather.

At the autumn mornings is always so hot weather.

Nikola Bugayev (*20.09.1978 - +?)

Photo from the previous month. Source: NAPA scouts

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